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24×7 legal help.com is India’s first free 24×7 legal advisor. It was created primarily to assist the public at large, to understand their basic legal rights and remedies available to them at the ground level because unless one is aware of their basic legal rights and remedies, it is impossible to demand or enforce them. Legal empowerment is the key.

24×7 legal help is a platform on which different aspects of our Indian legal system are discussed and debated in order to enable people to comprehend the intricacies of law and get an insight into India’s diverse yet vibrant legal world. Legal knowledge and information is emboldening and helps to de-mystify the usual complex legal technicalities edifying our legal system.

The website also provide ancillary legal information such as the basic legal documentation / formats, latest judgements of various courts on various issues, which we feel can render some assistance in providing general information regarding recent developments in the areas of family law, property matters and contract law etcetera which affects our day to day lives.

We have also provided facility for online chats to discuss various legal issues with available professionals so that they get a clearer picture of the legal issues surrounding them. This forum also endeavours to provide legal assistance to people with legal cases to the best extent we can.

Consequently, our 24 hour online inquiry facility is yet another feature which goes a long way to confirm our commitment towards making our legal world more accessible, simplified and interactive. However, it must be understood that information contained in this website cannot be substituted for advice for lawyers who must engaged to address your problems and any attempt by our lawyers to answer your query must be acknowledged by you as general information for general purposes only.

Our free of cost lawyers directory also goes a long way to help people in finding out lawyers who you think are best suited to your requirements in terms of costs and convenience. The lawyers can also register themselves on this website free of costs so that their coordinates are easily available to people who might need their assistance. However, 24×7 legal help does not certify nor give any assurances regarding the credentials or qualifications of a lawyer and the person requiring such services is advised to conduct adequate due diligence before engaging them. Please note we do not give or get any commission in this regard and all services rendered by us on this web site are free of cost.

As an initiative to celebrate and encourage exceptional acts of bravery and selflessness by Indian citizens, we endeavour to support these exceptional individuals by supporting them financially through sponsorships by corporates. Our support not only re-affirms our faith and trust in inherent goodness of people but also makes us celebrate and reward exceptional and inspiring acts of heroism, courage and valour. Depending upon the case at hand, we along-with the corporates and other agencies endeavour to give financial, legal and other assistance to the exemplary people for which 24×7 has instituted the order of merit.